The web is a big place. So big that big ideas most often get lost. But in the same web, some very ordinary ideas make it big, “internet scale”.

You are here, because you realize you need to use the web to promote you, your ideas, your products or services, your company, your brand.

You have probably already heard sales pitches elsewhere which talk about banner advertising, pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, viral marketing, social media optimization and a host of other buzz word.

In ContentXn we rely on choosing publishers who want to connect the right advertiser with their audience and move out to let advertiser and buyer talk.

Our publishers are smart breed who understand their audience and what they want, this is why we go the reverse way and let publisher pick their advertisers and connect advertisers in real time.

On the web, quick fix advertising methods do not work for long, Banner advertising died , email marketing databases died, so have text link ads.

We do things differently here, we put your product/services/company in the center stage, we choose high caliber writers who ensure the internet audiences get the right picture without bias, we ensure your product/service/company only gets picked up by writers whose audiences will be interested in your offering.

The gap between an “ad” and “content” vanishes when the right ad meets the right audience at the right time, kind of like that ad you saw on TV, the one you enjoyed more than the content, the ad that informed you about a great product.

Our endeavor is to make sure, great ideas do not get lost because of lack of exposure. We make sure the bliss point is reached, that the audience sees your ads, responds to your ads, that you take the center stage instead of becoming a dead link sitting on a corner of the page begging to be looked at.

That your “ad” becomes the “content”.

Getting started is easy and free, just create an account and create a campaign for free.

If you need our help in promoting you contact us here. You can also join our mailing list to be informed about new happenings here and web promotion tips and what some other successful people online are doing.

Why ContentXn

  • Create word of mouth advertising
  • Gather instant feedback/research
  • Connect with early adopters (bloggers /web authors)
  • Spread your message through email lists(viral mails)
  • Connect directly to your target audience (on websites/blogs) and engage them
  • Quickly announce new features/products and other news through selected bloggers /websites
  • Announce yourself to publishers instantly
  • Compliment your web strategy (Seo/Sem) and increase your search rankings
  • Get direct traffic which increases exponentially overtime
  • Get instant social approval when bloggers /websites and email groups spread your message.

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