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Question: What is contentXn?

Answer: ContentXn is an advertising platform. Like all other bazillion ad networks we also bring advertisers and publishers on the same page.

But unlike other ad networks(the banner ads, the pay per clicks etc. all) we have a different focus. We try to bridge the gap between " advertisement" and "content". We believe people love to know more about cool products, services, companies, events and everything else, the only condition is they should be presented in a way that benefits them and gives them the true picture and points them to the right direction.

The "messenger" part is played by the publisher(or the writer/author, blogger or just you emailing something to your best friends). The idea is to let publishers pick the right sort of informational ads provided by advertisers and present it to their audience(website/blog visitors, friends network) in a way that suites both advertisers and users.

Advertisers benefit in numerous ways by this mechanism. To start with they do not fight for eye balls, they are right in the content. Second since it comes from a trusted messenger(the publishers) there information is more trustworthy and you get an instant social approval.

We even let advertisers gather feedback from a website/blog by asking upto 3 questions with multiple options and show this data from multiple website in their account. Advertisers love this feature as they can gather substantial feedback from people who haven't used their service and use this feedback to improve their offerings.

Moreover for those of you who ever thought about starting something "viral" this is the place to start spreading it.


Question: I'm a web 2.0 guru, i want to know why would you start such a "unscalable" business?

Answer: ContentXn wasn't started with the intention of really being a business, we needed a better way to reach people for our own services and found pay per click, pay per impressions rather useless.
We felt having something like contentxn would be rather cool and so we started it ourselves. Yes its not scalable but hey we are not running for an IPO either. As long as we can bring a really really useful service online, we have done our job.

Question: How do i know if i am eligible to become a publisher?

Answer: Short answer is if you have a website, or a blog , or a newsletter, or a personal friends list(like gmail, yahoo mail lists) you are a publisher. We are also working on some new ways to extend our reach and pretty much everyone who shares his opinion with a group is our publisher irrespective of medium(it could be any, orkut, twitter, jaiku, facebook, yahoo answers).

Though not all publishers become active in the eco-system instantly. Our systems only activate a website/ blog or email groups once they meet specific criteria. Though everyone is free to register as a publisher and refer other people to make more money.

If you have any more questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact us form.

Question: As an advertiser, how do i know if this will help me promote myself?

Answer: Generally speaking if you have a decent product or service, there will be an audience for it somewhere. The best step forward would be to register yourself as an advertiser and create a campaign.

Once you do that and the campaign is approved, you can sit back and let publishers contact you. Approve the website/blogs/email groups whose audience you would like to reach and enjoy the instant traffic.


Question: I see i am supposed to write content as an advertiser at the time of creating campaign?

Answer: We talked to advertisers and found that they wanted to provide publishers or writers a sample guideline for writing the content. This content can ofcourse be edited by publishers. When writing content explaining your offering think "Education" & "Iinformation", do not hardsell, educate and promote yourself in a subtle way.

Also its not a requirement that you provide content but providing a sample content (from a third persons point of view) lets publisher know how a advertiser thinks a product/service would benefit users. Publishers can take this content as it is and use it on their website if they find it suitable or can choose to edit the content.

If you are not sure how to write content describing your product/service please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Question: I have registered as publisher and i do not see any open opportunities?

Answer: Our system automatically matches campaigns with your website/ blogs/email groups. To help our matching systems math your website/blogs with campaigns, do the following

1. Put in as much detail(including tags) for your website/blogs/email groups.

2. Put the tracking code provided on your website/blogs to help us track website traffic and page views.

3. Try increasing your blog/website traffic or if you have a email group, try increasing your list size or segment your list into themes(like software programmers, charted accountants).

4. Write more quality content and increase the frequency of posting new content.

5. Have more back links from other websites/blogs.

6. Fill up your own profile information.

Question: I am publisher, Why am i supposed to write content from within contentxn and then post the html back to my website/blog?

Answer: We do this to allow advertisers to provide html content which can then be used by publisher to customize the content and put it on their website.You can use this HTML and edit the editable region on your websites. This also help you by providing additional revenue stream when publishers broadcast updates about their services can brands.

We also give advertisers a way to gather feedback directly from your audience using short one question polls. When you finish writing content from wysiwyg" editor generate html code that already has code to display that question in real time.

This is essentialy a feature we do not wish to loose as it gives advertisers an extremely efficient feedback which helps them improve their offerings.

We realise this might be a slight inconvenience for some people, but the end result would be better products and services based on valuable feedback from your audience, what can be better than that?


Question: What are email groups?

Answer: Email groups are as of now two kinds,


1. Newsletters

2. Personal email address lists

Advertisers create email campaigns(or viral campaigns) that can be forwarded to a website's subscribers or a persons friends list once approved by advertiser.

Email group owners review open opportunities and when they find a opportunity that list members will be happy to receive they forward it to them.

These campaigns can be customized with placeholder tokens like recipient's name, email address, sender's name, email address, and look very personalized.

Question: I am publisher and i am having problems copying and pasting the code that is provided when i try to setup a approved campaign?

Answer: You need someway to copy this html code we provide to paste this in your content management system, blog or website.

If you use a website where the cms does not provide a way to paste html content try creating static html pages with typed templates of your webpage and paste this code in the content area. Then upload it to folder on your ftp server using a ftp software(like filezilla, smartFTP).

Once uploaded link this new page from an existing page from your website.

If you are still having problems contact our support at


Question: I am a publisher and i pasted this html code on my website but it is not looking as it should be. There seems to be problem, have i done something incorrectly?

Answer: Contact our support at with the following details:

1. Your contentxn email id

2. URLs in question

3. As much details you can provide about the problem.

4. Attached the html code you tried pasting(copy and save this html code to a notepad text file)





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