Content is the king, you know it better then most. You have  pulled off the daunting task of capturing audiences and creating communities & groups around ideas & stories, telling them your way, telling those stories in a way they come back, again and again, just to see your opinion, your views, to learn what you consider important, so they can be in the know.

We salute you.

There was a time, when sportsmen played sports because they loved it. The passion to play sports was above the considerations of monetary gains.

Then someone realized the dream of making sports profitable, and sportsmen got their fare share of money. Something they were truly worthy of, always.

We want to do that for you.

We want to reward superstar writers for their efforts, not just with respect and recognition but with the financial gains you always deserved.

Is it for me? How do we do that? What does ContentXn exactly do?

ContentXn connects advertisers (the smarter, better ones!) with webmasters/bloggers /email list owners (even if it’s a 100 people list you have!)/social networks /sms providers  / forum owners.

When we say connect we mean “actually connect”, connection in an open trusted and transparent way with two way communication.

Advertisers post opportunities (something that needs to be shared with your audiences) which are open to qualifying publishers like you who can then express interest and when an advertiser approves, you can share them with your audiences.

ContentXn charges advertisers on your behalf and pays a majority portion of the proceeds to you.

Getting started is free, create a free account with us and let us serve you right.

ContentXn Publisher Support Team

Why ContentXn

ContentXn has the following benefits for the publishers:

1. Get quality products/services and websites to write about.

2. Have the freedom to write your own content or publish content provided by advertisers.

3. Monetize these pages by showing your own ads without restrictions.

4. Have the freedom to choose your own advertisers/ads.

5. Monetize your email lists/subscribers, newsletters/email groups, even personal friends lists.

6. Get quality content for your website provided by advertisers(if you feel too lazy that is but thats ok we all do)

7. We hear you, we have a commitment to make web publishing profitable for publishers and advertising effective for advertisers, we listen to you, ContentXn goes in the direction you tell us to go.

Oh yeah how can we forget our affiliate program, all advertisers and publishers automatically get signed for our affiliate program, grab the link or invite your friends over and make recurring money doing nothing.

Enough reasons to get started? Create an account now.


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