ContentXn has the vision to create an open platform for publishers and advertisers. A platform where we see both publishers and advertisers coming together to provide the best information and offers to readers & getting optimum return on their investments.

We believe web is about connectivity, when entities connect, interactions happen, they communicate, they exchange messages.

Web is more than "keywords", "links" - sponsored or otherwise, its more than banners, its about connectivity, its about messasging. Its about serving the right message to the right person and letting him communicate back, right when he wants to.

We are the messengers. What others call "Advertisements", We call "Messages". We all love messages, messages that concern us, relate to us, help us.

By facilitating "a open transparent culture" between publishers and advertisers we give the power back to the advertisers & publishers and let them decide who their audiences are and which is the best way to reach them. Our publishers strive to connect advertisers and their target audiences in an unbiased and informative way and then let the buyer and advertiser take the first perception to the next level. By letting the publisher decide which advertisements their audience would like to know more about we create an ecosystem in which the advertisers are forced to better their offering to the level where a publisher deems their offering significant enough to be put in front of his audience.

More importantly ContentXn strives to be completely unbiased; by making clear we do not compensate our publishers for promoting an advertiser product. Publishers who have written or writing content about a particular product let the advertiser gather feedback & market research data from a publisher’s site to help it improve its services.

This way our advertisers get crucial feedback from audiences and publishers retain the freedom to write their own opinion and commentary.

Making sure, all stake holders, publishers, advertisers & readers benefit equally is a challenging task, and that’s what we are striving to achieve here.

 We look forward to communicating and getting your feedback & working together to make a better web.

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